Shokofeh Khadivi
Senior Research Support Associate, 2013-2018


Grace Guryan
Research Support Associate, 2017-2018

Ann Bauer
Ph.D. awarded 2017
Archean Continental Crust Formation and the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen

Michael P. EddyMike_Santa
Ph.D. awarded 2016
High-precision Temporal Records of Magmatism, Sedimentation, and Faulting at Evolving Plate Boundaries

Judy PuPu_pic
B.Sc. awarded 2016


Virginia HillIMG_2869
Research Support Associate 2015-2016


Graham Oxman2014-09-27 16.53.19
Research Support Associate 2016

Graham Lederer
Postdoctoral Associate 2014-2015

Eric Barry
Research Support Associate 2013-2015

Andrew Gregovich
Research Support Associate 2014-2015

Nora Sullivan
Lab Manager 2014-2015


Seth Burgess
Ph.D. awarded 2014
High-Precison U/Pb Geochronology of Large Igneous Provinces and Mass Extinctions: Testing Coincidence and Causation


Francis Ö. Dudás 2000-2014
Lab Manager


Erin SheaErin
Ph.D. awarded 2014
Arc magmatism at different crustal levels, North Cascades, WA


Robert Buchwaldtbuchwaldt
Postdoctoral Associate 2008-2013