Our laboratory is centered around three multi-collector thermal ionization mass spectrometers (TIMS), including a VG Sector 54, a GV Instruments Isoprobe-T, and a state-of-the-art Isotopx X62, housed in temperature-controlled “clean rooms” equipped with laminar flow stations. The Sector 54 and X62 instruments are equipped with seven and nine Faraday cups, respectively, as well as ion-counting Daly photomultiplier detectors for small ion beams. The Isoprobe-T and X62 instruments are equipped WARP filters for enhanced abundance sensitivity.

VG Sector 54

The venerable Sector 54 comprises a control tower (left) and the instrument itself (right).

The VG Sector 54 TIMS was installed in the Bowring Lab ca. 1992 and is equipped with seven Faraday cups and an ion-counting Daly photomultiplier for small ion beams. Since being refitted with a new turbo pump and ion pumps, it achieves vacuum pressures comparable to the Isotopx X62. This workhorse is primarily used for U-Pb accessory mineral analyses.

GV Instruments Isoprobe-T

The GV Instruments Isoprobe-T

Isotopx X62

Kaori Tsukui-Shockey operates the Isotopx X62.

The Isotopx X62 was installed ca. 2012 and is equipped with nine Faraday collectors, a Daly ion-counting photomulitplier, and a WARP (wide-area reducing potential) filter for abundance sensitivity. The X62 is primarily used for U-Pb accessory mineral analyses.